Legally Blonde Review

legally blonde the movie is very sexist toward women. does anyone ever notice how they show the smart women in the movie as stuck up dressing in ugly baggy clothes and as the nerds of the school. yet Elle Woods and her friends are all dumb blondes essentially and dress in little clothing and are very pretty. Throughout the movie Elle even talks about this and how her looks differ from the smart girls and how they are stuffy and not as pretty as her. While she does prove to be smart it is despite being pretty which is a major problem. she should be seen as smart not smart despite being a dumb blonde. the whole reason she wins her case is because she knows beauty techniques not the law. Also to the fact that it shows women need to chase the men and should do anything to get them, much as how Elle Woods tries to do along with her friends throughout both movies.

any thoughts of how this could be changed or adjusted in future movies to show that smart girls can be pretty, not be smart in spite of being pretty.